Sunday, June 6, 2004

Coca-Cola Social Housing

The Swedish country side is facing a decline in population, unemployment and plain beordom. For many non-urban people the only soulution is to move to the major cities which is hard to afford due to the more expensive land value. Moving from a beatiful farm into a small flat is also emotionally harsh. Visiondivision proposes a solution where the country folkes not only can afford a new home but also can keep their old beatiful houses and live a peaceful life in the city.

Since most houses on the Swedish country side are made out of wood they are easy to move to an affordable price, the only thing missing is an affordable plot. Visiondivisions proposal is to build plot-skyscrapers with plots stacked around commercial pillars. The plots will have great views and good comunication still keeping that country feeling with old houses with beatiful craftmanship. The downside is to have a huge commercial sign on one side of the house but its a small effort comparing to other alternatives that are given.

A Coca-Cola skyscraper

How it works

Vertical Main street

Stunning views