Thursday, April 29, 2010

Morning Glory

When one million souls in southern Sweden got their morning paper Sydsvenskan last Sunday, they probably got a big smile on their faces when they saw the front page and the pure stroke of genius from the whiz kids at visiondivision.
Were happy that Hill Hut got its acknowledgement that it deserved and hopefully the northern parts of the country will be informed as well.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spröjs House Update + Summer House Collection

The next smash hit from the visiondivision factory; Spröjs House, has gained construction speed once again after being idle during the severe polar storms that lasted for a couple of months. The building site is looking good and we are looking forward to see the final result in late spring. The notion of Spröjs House has already led to a fun and unexpected collaboration for our office. This spring we will design our very first collection of prêt-à-porter summer houses in an alliance with Sommarnöjen, so every one can get an affordable top notch summer house designed by visiondivision.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Archive Fill Up

A group of skilled conservation professionals have done a careful examination of the extensive archive of visiondivision memorabilia and urged us to put our entire showcase of projects and adventures on display.
Therefore we have added some new features on this site; for example, check out our full project list with links to each one of the projects. We will put all our older efforts on this site little by little but some old classics are already in the system, just browse the older archives.

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