Monday, December 15, 2008

The visiondivision game

We have made you a Christmas gift; a game where you must fight pointless architecture that threatens to ruin our planet.

To play the game, go to click on the extra button and then you will eventually see the game icon.

Happy holidays dear friends!

The visiondivision team

Monday, December 8, 2008

Two projects, Two old men

visiondivision are going to the Northern regions of Sweden to build two projects for two different clients. They have the thing in common that they have a site in a very delicate contact with nature and the clients are both old men.

AB is going to a harsh and isolated island to build a house for a fisherman/duck hunter; the house must shelter a boat during the nordic storms and also handle the occasional owerflows on the site. The building will feature new innovative doors and an overflow system among other things.
UM is going to the extreme north into the wild black forrests to help an old man fulfill his last wish in life, to be able to bath in his childhood forrest while waiting for the bear that he once met during dramatic circumstances.
The VD-team will live and work close with them to take advantage of their craftmanship and life experience to make the uttermost tailor made solutions for these two highly regarded old men.
We will brief you when we are back in civilization while filling up on the food suplies.

We have also made a Christmas gift for all you 10.000 people that has visited this site during this year. You will get it soon.