Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Boring Gothenburg with their river that once harboured important shipindustry and was the true pride of the city, but now lies like a dead ugly grey snake and just causing trouble and distances.
This town needs a headache pill.
A rotating, reflecting skyscraper is placed in the river that divides gothenburg, to stich the city together and to push the centre more towards the riverside to inject new life into this area and to strengthen the connections over the river.
heroic in both scale and mission.
The building is a steel construction that cantilevers on a bearing.
The bearing gets power to rotate by the constant force of the river.
As the building rotates for boats to pass, it also mirrors the city and lets its inhabitants get a variated view; riverscape, cityscape.

Headache pill
The skyscraper is facing the river at daytime

And the city at nighttime