Saturday, July 7, 2007

Big Bear

The lighthouse Big Bear (Stora Björn) is to be replaced by a more modern one .
The function of a lighthouse has almost lost its use since new navigation systems, such as GPS, has made navigation easier. However the spot where Stora Björn is located still contains great value as the most remote outpost of the stockholm archipelago. we suggest a platform that contains more then just a lighthouse.

The platform contains research on the BalticSea, churches for sailors, luxury restaurants and neutral meeting point for the countries around the Baltic Sea. To have a flexible platform we made a very simple building system where parts easily can be added, subtracted or modified with a helicopter.


Visiondivision proposes a temporary Dance Theatre in Stockholm

The Brief: The Modern Dance Theatre (MDT) has to move out from their premises during a reconstruction.
The task: to propose a temporary stage while waiting for the building process to be finished.

Five reasons for staying:
1. Someone else will do most of your work for free so it's cheap.
2. will experience the birth of your new darling dance theatre.
3. You will have access to the coolest tools.
4. The roughness allows you to have a great flexibility.
5. The location remains, and from a marketing point of view that is an advantage.

Time: The schedule for the reconstruction of MDT will be a 9 to 5 weekday schedule.

The MDT schedule is based on evening performance so the construction site is actually free for performance when needed. To do preparations for a performance during that short amount of time can however be difficult. .

During the different stages of reconstruction there are laps in time, these lapses are the times for making dance events.

Rolling Culture

Visiondivision proposes a rolling culture house in the Mexican jungle

Agua dulce, a small village in southern mexico, wants to improve their village with new projects. We proposed a roof structure that gives shade to public activities, and that can be folded into a ball to be shared with nearby villages that lacks public spaces too.

The balls can vary in size and "filling" between the bamboo poles.
plants that grows rapidly and all-year round in this tropical climate, cut up bamboo sections that forms a kind of a hama bead around the ball, or without a filling just to mark a place for an

The transformable ball is constructed so you can have a completely free floor plan,
The ball can be constructed by locals and its also made of bamboo that grows in the region

With shade and light that can be attached to the bamboo joints, activities and energy will wake the slumbering village and make it a more attractive place to live.

fiestas, town meetings, plant exhibitions, markets, school graduations, concerts, basket, football, salsa classes, temporary cinema, crocodile wrestling, you name it.

The village is situated next to the great Tonala river and this makes it possible to transport the balls on the water to the other villages nearby that also lies next to the river. This transportation system could be an event in itself and attract a great deal of tourism.

And it gives the surrounding villages a sense of community and will strengthen their identity.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mirror woods

We were hired by the Swedish architectural firm "Tema" to cooperate with them in an invited competition for a housing project in Örnsköldsvik, the Swedish Mecca of Ice Hockey.
The prices on apartments in northern Sweden are fairly low since there are a lot of available empty houses in that region, so the proposal needed to be cost efficient. While the floor plan were designed as efficient and simple as possible with cheap extravaganzas such as sight lines, zoning and so on, we put our efforts on making something unique with the outdoor spaces. Since the houses are laid out pointing towards the sea, they create a sloping space towards the ocean which in this case where filled with birch trees. We tried to make a façade that mimic the aesthetics of the birch trunk to get a building that corresponded with its surrounding environment. We put highly reflective and slightly tilted steel sheets between the windows, making a façade that mimic the pattern of a birch trunk and at the same time reflected the birch trees in the voids between the buildings. The result became quit poetic we must say.

Steel sheet façade

Site Plan

Floor Plan

Diagrams showing zoning, direct light, movement, construction lines, sight lines, options