Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sleeping bird vs Architecture


almost asleep


The visiondivision team is currently in Bolivia doing research for their next project. Last night we saw a toucan that was sleeping on a branch, and it was very fascinating, in fact more fascinating and interesting than most of the architecture that is built today. Then we came up with the idea that this sleeping bird could be a new measurement in our field. Next time we see a new piece of architecture, we will ask ourselves if it has achieved more stimulation to our senses than that sleeping bird.
When the toucan is awake, few things in architecture can match it. Its main feature is its colourful beak that looks like it is made out of plastic, but while sleeping, the bird is curled up like a ball, and you cannot see it. Still, maybe it is unfair to restrained architects with limited budgets to accomplish something like this, but it is disappointingly few that tries and have the courage to do so.

We think that architecture would be bolder if we included more objects as references in the academic discussion. If architecture would be compared to all designs like cars, weapons, animals and nature, we would soon realize that architecture are not as interesting as it could be.

We will always try to be better than that sleeping bird in Bolivia.
It is not going to be easy, but after all we are visiondivision, and after all the bird are asleep.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The visiondivision prize 2008


The visiondivision prize 2008 goes to Oscar Niemeyer.
He gets the prize because:

Oscar makes slick James Bond architecture
Oscar designed a capital
Oscar has his office at the Copacabana
Oscar is 100 years old and is still delivering

The prize for this year’s winner is a pair of special made sandals with mirrored letters underneath.
On the left one it says “Im Oscar”, and on the right one “I did the capital”.
So when Mr Niemeyer walks around on Copacabana on his lunch break, the prints will be clearly visible on the damp sand on this beautiful beach.

We couldn’t meet Oscar in person to give him the prize, because Oscar was in Kazakhstan for a big commission, but we gave the prize to one of his sons at the Copacabana office, so he will get the special tailored hawaiianas later.
Congratulations Oscar wishes all of us at the visiondivision team!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pharaoic field trip


Some of you might been wondering about the lack of updates on this blog for the last weeks, the reason for this is that the office has been taken some vacation in Rio.

To get a kickstart after the holidays, VD decided to enter another grand competition and has therefor taken the VD-crew into the deep jungle of South America to persue greatness in all of its forms.

The result of the competition will be announced in a couple of weeks, so stay alert!

Meanwhile enjoy the investigational field trip video