Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Frame, Face & Friends

The magazine streak continues,
you could for example check out the smoking hot Frame magazine and Concepts & Tendencies where our shoe empire Mangrolia Chaussures is featured.
The team is also interviewed in Face; a chinese magazine where some of our projects also are on display.

Our waterfall Eden Falls can now be found not only in Mark Magazine and Weekend Weekly as we mentioned in an earlier post, but is now also available in the Russian, the Portuguese, the Chinese and the Korean language as well; see for example Aeroflot's inflight magazine, Attitude magazine, Ming Magazine, Surface Magazine and ScienceMania (Kwahak Jangee).

Tornado is featured in the Russian Tall Buildings magazine and in the Spanish Arquitectura y Diseño.

We're also featured in the Swedish 4Ark, not with any projects this time but with our stern and watchful faces. Sometimes thats enough.

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