Sunday, August 27, 2006

Digital Office For Some Evil Dudes

A second prize in a competition in mexico that later was transformed into the digital office for a secret society.
The building is complex in its structure and in the way the people move around in it.
By doing this, the building gives the workers in it a feeling of being special and chosen.
The scale shifts dramatically, from big imposing grandeur to more intimate places, but with the same character kept between the switches to not lose the ambiance.

Main foyer



Payam Palace

The client lives in a former garden shed that lies between two apartment buildings on a very narrow plot.
Mostly theese apartments is filled with students, because very close lies a very important university.
This means that a lot of young ladies lives here.

The client wanted to take advantage of this and a suggestion is to clad the entire shed with mirrors so the ladies will look more at this house, while the client zips a beer on a chair in front of his newly pimped house.
With a better view this time.