Saturday, October 7, 2006


Falsterbo, Sweden. The old nightclub situated next to a beach was burned to the ground and a competition for a new one on the same location was put out.

The site is located among pines and just a small distant from the nice beach with its dunes.

We proposed this 4-Step construction-phase:
1. The bearing pillars

2. The frames for the floors are laid out.

3. Sand from the area is laid out on the frames and then the concrete is cast upon the sand with a plastic membrane between that smoothes the surface and keeps the sand in place.

4. Glass panes are inserted and is now reflecting the surrounding trees.

1. Dancefloor 2. Foyer 3. Restaurant 4. Bar 5. Wardrobe 6. Ramp 7. Toilets
8. Kitchen 9. Logé 10. Logé 11. Scene 12. V.I.P.


Night exterior