Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Agua Libre

This is an early competition that we are very fond of; instead of treating and changing the interior of the building too much to express a change in content, we made a surrealistic and undulating landscape and kept the rustic palace as it was. The outcome is a magic and fun place for everyone.

Palacio Correos - A magnificent old building in central Buenos Aires is going to change its content. From being headquarter of the postal service to become a house for the people - an institute of culture. We wanted the building to be seen as if you had a generous rich uncle that let you roam free around his mansion. Buenos Aires is a nice city but lacks a very fundamental thing for being a city near a river - water. Rio de la Plata is a quite dirty waterway and large stretches of the shores has been occupied with big luxury houses. That is why we decided to make a water park around (and inside of) the palace.
The water level changes through the year. In the basement where it used to be a parking garage is now a gigantic ballroom where you can do whatever you want between the water filled floor and the roof that is lit up by hundreds of chandeliers.


No water

Medium water level

Maximum water level

Plan, maximum water level

Plan, medium water level

Plan, no water

Ballroom interior