Sunday, December 17, 2006

30 000

Brief: A competition to produce architecture for 30 000 Swedish crowns in the suburb Tensta outside Stockholm.

How much stuff can we do for 30 000 Swedish crowns (approximately 3000 Euro.)? In architecture 30 000 SEK is a small amount of money. For that money you can get a sauna, a decent garden shed or maybe a new kitchen.

But architecture is perhaps not the most suitable for Tensta. For 30 000 you can for example get 600 hours of pony riding, two hours of Zlatan, 2000 “coffee and cake” on 7 Eleven or maybe 30 swings for the kids in Tensta.

Can we use these notes for more than just buying? A 20 note is in circulation for 1.5 years in average, and should pass around 500 hundred people during its life time. For 30 000 SEK you will get 1500 20-krona notes so the message on the bills will pass 1500notes x 500 hundred people= 750 000 people which is almost 7% of the Swedish population!

One architect working on one project in Sweden for five weeks costs in real life about 40 hours x 5 weeks x 700 SEK per hour = 140 000 SEK. That means that the twenty people working on this competition would cost 2, 8 million SEK if they would receive an architect’s salary. By only picking one proposal you could say that you lose 2 800 000 - 140 000 = 2 660 000 = almost 2.7 million SEK. So, by giving every competitor 1 500 SEK each and make 20 projects instead of one, Tensta would have gained about 2,5 million SEK in creative thinking if our work was paid.

Instructions The 30 000 SEK are exchanged in to 20-krona notes, every participant in the competition receives 20-krona notes, to a value of 1500 SEK. The first step is to write a message on each bill with a text promoting al the proposals produced during the competition.

The result: a festival of cheap projects! an enormous increase of money and publicity!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In Between Skyscrapers

La Purisima, a traditional mexican plaza, is located in the periphery of downtown Monterrey, a growing and financially a very important city with almost 5 million
Inhabitants in its vicinity, surrounded by impressive mountains.
The two twisted and slanted high-rises, gives the area a vital injection, and expands the downtown centre.
The buildings will become a landmark and a statement of the city’s ambitions and also refer to the scale of the surrounding scenery.
The space between the two buildings will function as a great vertical green garden.
Different functions like a pool, gym, terraces and so on will give the inhabitants a rich differentiated environment to live their everyday life in.
The two sides of the gap is clad in white net, to reduce the wind and to allow green foliage to grow on it.
This will give the in between space a jungle like calm feeling and the skewed form of the building enhances the nature experience with its winding canyon like formation. instead of having ordinary railings, the walkways are covered in net as well, also to allow plants to grow on it, and make a more intimate feeling for the residential units.

Skyscraper exterior


Interior between skyscrapers

Interior flat

Interior flat

Office interior

Example of plans

Saturday, October 7, 2006


Falsterbo, Sweden. The old nightclub situated next to a beach was burned to the ground and a competition for a new one on the same location was put out.

The site is located among pines and just a small distant from the nice beach with its dunes.

We proposed this 4-Step construction-phase:
1. The bearing pillars

2. The frames for the floors are laid out.

3. Sand from the area is laid out on the frames and then the concrete is cast upon the sand with a plastic membrane between that smoothes the surface and keeps the sand in place.

4. Glass panes are inserted and is now reflecting the surrounding trees.

1. Dancefloor 2. Foyer 3. Restaurant 4. Bar 5. Wardrobe 6. Ramp 7. Toilets
8. Kitchen 9. Logé 10. Logé 11. Scene 12. V.I.P.


Night exterior

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Club Sky High

Located in the downtown of Monterrey, this club will be the leading club and event arena in the city.
You drive your car up on the roof, where a very thin watersurface is, its like you are parking on an ocean, the water is subtly lit up as well.
A feature with this club that will make it stand out from all the others, is the VIP-rooms, that functions as warm-air, balloons.
You can rent a room for some hours and have your private party while floating in the air with a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding mountains.

Exterior view

In the balloon

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Robot Rock

Örebro is a small city in Sweden with a nice city centre, with the old castle surrounded by a small river being the icon of this area, but it’s relatively dull and has a lot of unused potential.
We proposed two robotic sculptures that take care of two neglected places. A tall and energetic sculpture at a renewed square that activates the place with sounds, lights and so on.
A more tranquil sculpture is placed in the water inside a new pool so the people can swim in the river without being taken away by the strong currents. This calm contemplating place will contrast sharply to the more bustling square.


Active robot

Tranquil robot

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Digital Office For Some Evil Dudes

A second prize in a competition in mexico that later was transformed into the digital office for a secret society.
The building is complex in its structure and in the way the people move around in it.
By doing this, the building gives the workers in it a feeling of being special and chosen.
The scale shifts dramatically, from big imposing grandeur to more intimate places, but with the same character kept between the switches to not lose the ambiance.

Main foyer



Payam Palace

The client lives in a former garden shed that lies between two apartment buildings on a very narrow plot.
Mostly theese apartments is filled with students, because very close lies a very important university.
This means that a lot of young ladies lives here.

The client wanted to take advantage of this and a suggestion is to clad the entire shed with mirrors so the ladies will look more at this house, while the client zips a beer on a chair in front of his newly pimped house.
With a better view this time.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Competition entry for a glass pavillion in Borås, Sweden.

The structure is made out of stacked glass and becomes an activity magnet in the slumbering park.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Air Igloo

A new visiondivision invention for life in the nature.
Just plug your inflatable Air Igloo in your car's exhaust pipe and your house is blown-up in a couple of seconds.
For more information please contact visiondivision.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Beach Life

to zoom: hold ctrl and scroll with your middle mouse button

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Helsingborg Library

This library is linked to a new station that will function as a centre for a new district that will be built in the coastal city of Helsingborg, Sweden.
Due to the strategic site, a blank space between two segregated areas, this building has to be something special.

The plan is quite simple; a big, shining craterlike excavation in the centre of the floor plan will be where most of the books are, stacked in transparent bookshelves.
From here you can also access to the visual media room where you can play video games, listen to lectures, look at exhibitions and so on.

Around the crater is also some bookshelves and such, but this area is mostly designated for listening to music, reading fast-food literature, comics, newspapers.

A mighty chunk of forest in the north of the building makes up a dramatic backdrop for the whole library. As you enter from the north, you have to pass this in a Hans and Gretel kind of way, a transformation to imagination.

Mesh pathways leaps out in this forest from the second floor and from the roof terrace.
Secluded spaces in the treetops where you can get lost in a book, maybe Moby Dick?
The pathways connect to the building on the other side of the road.
A gigantic botanic garden can be reached from here as well.
Cocoons of strengthen opaque rubber penetrates the roof to light up the interior, and to make interesting places on the roof to hang out.
When the weather and season permits, the whole roof functions as a outdoor cinema, or a concert scene.

If you enter the library from the south, the forest will be most present, but if you enter from the north, the cocoons and the white light will be the dominating factor.
A kind of high-tech vs. nature, tradition vs. exploration.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

School of Rock

This school is a part of a building that will contain a station, a library, some shopping and restaurants.

From the underground station you reach an enormous foyer.
Some fixed functions as a ticket office, restaurant, café and such, is located close to the escalators down to the trains.
But the rest of the foyer is empty.
The floor is polished concrete, the roof is clad with mirrors, crystal chandeliers and Persian rugs is scattered throughout the space as well, but besides from that, its empty.
This will function as a gigantic living room for the entire city core.
Everything can take place here, circus, concerts, exhibitions, marketplaces, temporary food courts, flee markets.
What’s important is that this area isn’t fixed by commercial interests, but rather changing itself all the time.
This will contribute energy to a dynamic inner city and to connect the city’s different parts, the segregated North with the South, the existing city with the new extensions.
A quality building on a strategic site.

On the second and the third floor is a school located.
On the weekends can other functions take over due to the flexible plan.
Mess hall, nightclubs, exhibitions.
A lot of storage space handles the fast switches.

The school is equipped with a fantastic school yard on the roof, a botanic garden with some scattered play areas in concrete.
The garden is also accessible for public.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Entry for EASA006, Budapest
The task was to transform a neglected courtyard, with an abandoned tennis court, into a playground for grown-ups.
One important thing is that the structure/play-thing is going to last and never become boring.
Our proposal is based on the human imagination, and when that is depleted, so is our solution. So it will probably last for a while.
We kept the tennis court structure and added some poles, painted it red, attached some PVC-sheeting and turned the whole courtyard into a Prop yard.
A prop yard is a new invention that functions as a creative place where you can create new environments with the help of props.
A prop is a thing that is used in movies or in the theatre to enhance the experience/feeling that the movie/play would like to pass on to you.
Fake palm trees, inflatable giant dinosaurs, fake snow, an old jukebox, and so on.
Lighting fixtures and the possibility to plug in electrical devices makes the prop yard more equipped for a greater variety of settings.
We predicted that this phenomenon will be spread to rest of the world, and in many areas, replace the function the park has today.
An interactive, always changing, dynamic park, where you can socialize and create things in contrast to your unsatisfying (?) job.

Plan of the yard and the structure
Collecting props
Axonometric view of the Propyard
Exterior view of the Propyard


Monday, March 27, 2006

Villa Isbjörn

An early villa extension proposal that went out of control.
This could perhaps be a sign of a revolt against the boredomness that the architecture school fed us with and how they told us how Swedish architecture should be and look like.
Afterwards we realized that some of these sketches were quite amazing and that architecture could be fun, creative, intellectual and great for the clients at the same time.