Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Free Music

A competition entry for a temporary concert hall that rejects a physical building and proposes different concert settings that the crowd suggests in advance.

Monday, February 27, 2006


The competition was to create a concert house for two musicians and an audience of four listeners on the maximal area of 30 square meters.
The house should be transportable and insulated against external sound. The brief said also that the audience should leave the concert with a feeling
that the musicians performed for each and one of them only.

The concept was to create a movement from a loud festival environment to a silent, calm space where you can sit alone and focus on the music.
The material chosen for the concerthall was fabric, which handles the acoustical and climatical demands throughout different layers and treatments.
The layers of fabric work at the same time as a spatial divider between the different rooms.

From a distance

Exterior view




Future use

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Big Mama

A temporary concerthall for intimate concerts. The structure can be rotated and unfolded.
The structure is like german interlinked sausages on rows. The white interior takes one away from the busy festival area and enhances the experience and the intimacy with the musicians.
The musicians doesnt always perform, and on those occasions the structure can easily be rotated into a tunnel of musical experience with other aficionados thanks to the small speakers that is attached inside.
And at nighttime and perhaps some weeks after the festival is over, the whole structure can be unfolded and put into the river that lies just beside the festival area.


Section - rotated
Unfolded structure