Wednesday, May 24, 2006

School of Rock

This school is a part of a building that will contain a station, a library, some shopping and restaurants.

From the underground station you reach an enormous foyer.
Some fixed functions as a ticket office, restaurant, café and such, is located close to the escalators down to the trains.
But the rest of the foyer is empty.
The floor is polished concrete, the roof is clad with mirrors, crystal chandeliers and Persian rugs is scattered throughout the space as well, but besides from that, its empty.
This will function as a gigantic living room for the entire city core.
Everything can take place here, circus, concerts, exhibitions, marketplaces, temporary food courts, flee markets.
What’s important is that this area isn’t fixed by commercial interests, but rather changing itself all the time.
This will contribute energy to a dynamic inner city and to connect the city’s different parts, the segregated North with the South, the existing city with the new extensions.
A quality building on a strategic site.

On the second and the third floor is a school located.
On the weekends can other functions take over due to the flexible plan.
Mess hall, nightclubs, exhibitions.
A lot of storage space handles the fast switches.

The school is equipped with a fantastic school yard on the roof, a botanic garden with some scattered play areas in concrete.
The garden is also accessible for public.

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