Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Noble Savage

One of visiondivision's early masterpieces, Noble Savage.
Entry for EASA05, but the jury never received it because their server was full.
Too bad.

Bergün, an idyllic village in the swizz alps, has a famous hotel, the kurhaus

That wanted to erect a pavillion on top of the old foundations of a former garden pavillion

The old structure had an icecellar, that now is revealed by removal of the roof

The pavillion is then divided into two parts by a rotating wall

The North side of the wall is made by a self luminant tactile rubber coating, facing a cool room with a floor covered with opaque white glass stones.The floor has floor heating to make the stones warm as a nice contrast to the coolness.

The other half consists of a pool that is facing south and a spectacular mountain backdrop.This side of the wall is covered with roses and basks in the southern sun.

The flower wall is now in a horizontal position, and is no longer dividing the room.Instead it has become a magnificent roof of roses.The lights inside the wall structure makes the glass stones change into a reddish color.

The self luminant roof is now glowing i the dark

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