Saturday, July 7, 2007


Visiondivision proposes a temporary Dance Theatre in Stockholm

The Brief: The Modern Dance Theatre (MDT) has to move out from their premises during a reconstruction.
The task: to propose a temporary stage while waiting for the building process to be finished.

Five reasons for staying:
1. Someone else will do most of your work for free so it's cheap.
2. will experience the birth of your new darling dance theatre.
3. You will have access to the coolest tools.
4. The roughness allows you to have a great flexibility.
5. The location remains, and from a marketing point of view that is an advantage.

Time: The schedule for the reconstruction of MDT will be a 9 to 5 weekday schedule.

The MDT schedule is based on evening performance so the construction site is actually free for performance when needed. To do preparations for a performance during that short amount of time can however be difficult. .

During the different stages of reconstruction there are laps in time, these lapses are the times for making dance events.

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