Friday, February 29, 2008

Cloud Ceiling

Visiondivision creates a sky with a little help from their new found friend.

A client wanted us to propose a new interior lighting system for their house.
Interior design is much about taste and we felt that we had to do something universal and eternal so that we could get along and unify behind one proposal.
We had two days to complete the task, so we looked up to the sky in need for a rapid solution and asked the old man what to do.
“The answer is right in front of you, young talents” the old man said.
We understood.
And the client got a sky.

The roof is an improved version of the classical trompe l'oeil. Two transparent sheets with projections from opposite angels makes a three dimensional mirage and makes the roof appear as a perfect sky. The nice thing with a beautiful sky is that you can put a trash dump under it and it will still be a beautiful day.

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Mario said...

crazy, cool and kickass! great!