Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Postcard House


Visiondivision got a commision to do a villa outside of Granada, Spain.
With a new groundbreaking concept, they hope that this one will turn into a true classic masterpiece.

The concept for this villa has its origin in the breathtaking views from the site over a mountain range and the ocean on the southern coast of Spain. We wanted to frame this view, improve it even further and treat it as a postcard, and also give our clients even more postcards to see and live their everyday life in.These postcards often get a double function, they become a great view for the room and you can also enter them and enjoy this quality space.

When one enter the house, such a postcard is visible in the far end of the kitchen; a big window pane where you can see an orange tree patio with orange mosaic as hardscape.These views are treated like classical paintings with foreground, motive and background.This makes it interesting to move around throughout the house because you always have something interesting to lay your eyes on.

If you turn your head towards the living room, you will see another painting.This one is showing the main terrace and the infinite pool in the foreground, the people who swims in it as the motive and with the mountains and the ocean view as the background.

The house has three floors with different characters and functions.The house has a logic layout but is at the same time complex. You can move around in the house in different ways both from the inside and the outside, which creates a lot of variation and interesting places.
A guesthouse is located at the entrance with a small kitchen, a bathroom and with a small patio.Postcard: The olive slopes
The first floor is the open, social space with the living room and the kitchen with access to an orange tree patio and to the big terrace with the infinite pool.Postcards: The Infinite pool, An orange tree patio, A harley davidson in a cactus hedge, A special fire place
The middle floor is for the children with a shared bathroom with a trampoline.A shaded patio is accessible from the children’s floor.Postcards: The trampoline, The playground
The top floor is a master suite for the parents with a fireplace and a moveable bathtub among other features.From the bathroom you have an ocean view and a door that leads to the roof terrace, where a 360 degree view of the whole landscape awaits.Postcards: Fire place from the bathtub, The 360 Degree view
Nighttime at the postcard house.

The three stories of the house shifts in size according to functions and views and is together combined into a strict composition.The material of the façade is white mosaic that reflects light and therefore subtly alters its colour and appearance according to the time of the day.

A layout of the buildings on the site.
The plans
More information and additional images will soon come up.

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