Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The visiondivision prize 2008


The visiondivision prize 2008 goes to Oscar Niemeyer.
He gets the prize because:

Oscar makes slick James Bond architecture
Oscar designed a capital
Oscar has his office at the Copacabana
Oscar is 100 years old and is still delivering

The prize for this year’s winner is a pair of special made sandals with mirrored letters underneath.
On the left one it says “Im Oscar”, and on the right one “I did the capital”.
So when Mr Niemeyer walks around on Copacabana on his lunch break, the prints will be clearly visible on the damp sand on this beautiful beach.

We couldn’t meet Oscar in person to give him the prize, because Oscar was in Kazakhstan for a big commission, but we gave the prize to one of his sons at the Copacabana office, so he will get the special tailored hawaiianas later.
Congratulations Oscar wishes all of us at the visiondivision team!

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Mariano said...

Finally! This is the end of a long wait. It was about time Oscar got such recognition.