Thursday, July 31, 2008

Techos Azules


Visiondivision gets the commission to design a hotel in Taganga, Colombia.

Taganga is a small fishing village set in a deep, beautiful bay on the Carribean coast in Colombia.
Except for fishing, tourism is a growing industry, attracting mainly backpackers from all over the world to relax and hangout in this tranquil environment.
50% of the workforce of Visiondivision was on a vacation to this enchanting place and ended up at a hotel called “Techos Azules” meaning “The Blue Roofs”, having its origin in the blue painted roofs of this cozy hotel, resembling a Greek hacienda of some sort.
After a casual talk with the owner it turned out that he wanted to expand his business with a new hotel on a site just behind the old one.
So we got a client on our vacation.

The site is rather steep, sloping down from a quite busy road down to the existing hotel.
The new hotel was also going to be called “Techos Azules”, making the concept of the plot quite easy. Following the Greek theme ,we decided to mimic a small intimate Greek village in different levels with a big hangout terrace; consisting of all the roofs of the hotelrooms and also down to a pool in different levels.

The terraces are all painted blue, making the experience soothing and relaxing and also following the obvious theme of the old hotel of course.
Infinite pool is yesterday's news, we wanted to create an infinite hotel.

If you see the hotel from the road it is all modern white with glass doors, making the blue surprise even more delightful.

Every room gets ocean view except one lucky guest that will get a pool view.


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