Friday, June 18, 2010

Fly Feast

When the humans started to settle down and farm the land we also changed our behaviour, becoming less a savage and more of a thinking species. This could also be adaptable on animals. When a bird dedicate less hours on finding food, they will have more time to develop other interests.
A good example is the magpie who has become a smarter bird just by being close to human settlements and taking advantage of the food output that the people provide, thus having more spare time and developed a great taste in jewelery, which shows in their notorious silver thefts.
So as part of visiondivisions ambitious Animal Speed Evolution Program (ASEP) the team has designed a construction to learn the birds to feast in a more intellectual and less time consuming manner. The construction provides a fully nurturing dinner with both protein, carbs and water mixed into a refined gastronomic composition. To not neglect the birds natural hunting instincts the flies are served alive and fresh , all made possible through a genius design. This pre-summer feast will not only invite the birds into the more refined world of restaurant culture and give them a well deserved dinner before the short Swedish summer but most important; more time to think and evolve.

The construction is a simple yet genius one. The constructive elements is made out of hard rye bread. The bread is not only known for its likability among Scandinavians and animals, the bread is also very suitable for building small constructions. The bread is glued together into a pyramidal truss system. The construction is then clad with a thin felt that is easy to land on and is also easy to pick the flies through.
Inside the construction is a fly hatchery hosting around 2000 flies.

Maggots are stored in room temperature until becoming chrysalis

The partners inspecting the Hard Rye bread construction

2000 chrysalis are placed into the small pits in the hard rye bread inside the construction .

The not yet closed hatchery.

The hatchery on its way to Norrland.

The hatchery in Norrland.

Stake out food.

Hatchery at place in the Norrland forest.

Picnic watching the bird feast.

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