Monday, December 13, 2010


Visiondivision was specially invited by "Living Architecture" for the competition "A room for London".

The task was to design a temporary hotel room on top of the Queen Elisabeth Hall right next to the Themes River for the Olympic year of 2012. The guests (one or two persons) that book the hotel room should only be able to stay one night each during the Olympic year so we wanted to make that night unforgettable for the visitors. Instead of spending money on expensive hotel services as classy materials and expensive furniture we thought we might put our money on more celestial values. The room became a bed, a toilet and a shower, all in an outdoor scenography consisting of a magic cloud with tame falcons.

When visiting Heaven you receive a remote control, a key, a falconer glove, some meat and a towel. There is also an optional warm coat available for the winter guests.
The bed comes with insulated drapes and heating too.

The proposal was presented in an old fashioned vd manner as you see below.

Some excerpts from the comic;

Commercial poster in the newspaper for Heaven.

Receiving a key and remote control. with the cloud in the back of the picture .

Testing the remote control .

The bed on top of the cloud.

Getting familiar with the falcon.

Plan of the cloud from a falcon's perspective.

Cleaning up and preparing for the new guests.

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