Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hill Hut in 1000x European Architecture

Hill Hut is published in the prestigious book "1000x European Architecture" which is now in stores.
Order it here or visit your local distributer for a delightful read.

From the publisher:
The selected works in this volume provide a cross-section of contemporary European architectural culture in the current context of the building boom, financial crisis and economic recovery. These diverging developments combined with significantly increased ecological awareness have sustainably and creatively influenced the world of architecture between the North Cape and the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Ural Mountains during the past five years.

It is therefore time for a new edition of 1000 x European Architecture. The 1000 buildings featured, of all types and sizes, are a comprehensive overview of how differently architects and building owners have reacted to the challenges. This compendium brings together on 1000 pages the latest works of the world’s leading architects as well as great projects by up-and-coming future stars. Across all countries there are fascinating examples of a wide variety of buildings types and sizes that substantially enrich the exciting diversity of European architecture.

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