Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Commercial Church

Urban stores have understood the power of window shopping. Somehow that knowledge never seems to reach the architecture of church buildings.
Amhult Church outside Gothenburg, Sweden, wants to attract 35 year old parents and their kids. If you want to attract young families, do like Mc Donald’s, show your product through a huge window and if you want to be even more attractive give some candy to the kids.
This church is designed to accomplish this demands still remaining its primal focus on being a sacral space. Through a system of curtains the church can be a sacral space for inner peace and one minute later transform into a basketball hall or a drive-in wedding. Its location next to the main street of Amhult with big panoramic window showing the church activity might help people to window shop God.
A transparent first floor to attract new potential clients
Fabric that can close selected spaces rapidly
Elevator from the upper floor for the priests

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