Friday, May 27, 2005

Suburb Habibi

City planning for a suburb with a strong identity.

Gamlestadstorget, a suburb to Gothenburg, is changing its infrastructure and connections with the surrounding suburbs and the city.

The strong identity (people, attitude, diversity and density) is preserved and intensified with a new villagelike building.

The building is laid out in a dense way according to the diagram above.

A sprawling compact building programed with diversity and 24H life.
Dense in its first floors and then defragmented on the higher levels.
Like a small village in the suburb, the best of gamlestadstorget collected to a superstructure that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Situated next to a new planned open square, that will also function as a big travel hub for this area, the structure will contrast to it with its windling narrow streets and small shops.

The square is mainly in white shiny medinastone with rubber parts that transforms down to the river and becomes pools, bbq and stages for performances and parties.
one part next to the new railwaystation is lit with extra strong lights so you can play basketball all night long.

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