Monday, January 15, 2007

Modul Royal

Modul Royal, proposed for a small town in Sweden in a park environment, we tried to propose something for the +55 category that wants to sell their villa and move into the town, where there are more service and closer to things, but still be able to enjoy the advantages of their former living.

So the concept is fairly simple; stacked housing with a lot of gardens to combine the best of both the countryside and the town, density and service with exclusiveness and a green environment.

The competition wanted a modular system to make it cheap and easy to construct.
Stacked in different heights, the houses emerges.

A unique detail is this "cactus-circulation".
Three houses shares this elvevator/stairs module, and ramps that you can flip up connects the individual houses, so the effect will be like a medieval castle.

To please the competition regulations, we divided some villas into smaller apartments.
The cactus is also a glass house with tomatoes, roses and herbs.

Another important detail is the facade.
The gaps between the sheetings makes it possible to grow plants to cover the building in.

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