Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Paradise Hotel

The homes for the Elderly that has been designed in Sweden in recent years has been very institution-like creations that has treated the elderly inhuman and patronizing, like cattle hidden away in hermetic rooms along never ending corridors. Its time for a change!

Paradise Hotel - A innovative home for seniors mixed with a hotel.
The concept is like having a vertical cruise ship; reletively small cabins with an abundance of quality common areas focused in leisure and relaxation.
A tropical garden with strong lights, a restaurant floor, roof terrace and so on.

On each floor, is a space for social activities, with great views, computers, a fireplace, board games, books and so on.

Each apartment is modern and with its own terrace. The construction allows different sizes of the appartments, because none of the dividing walls are structural.

The winters in Sweden are dark which can lead to winter depression due to the lack of light and warmth. In Paradise Hotel a whole floor is set aside for a tropical garden with butterflies, colorful plants and intense light.

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