Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Entry for the White House Redux competition.

Synopsis: The story takes place in the early 70s when a young senator tries to convince the congress of the United States of America to build a new White House.His ideas are radical and looked upon with a great deal of scepticism and the congress rejects his proposal unanimously.
Humiliated and disappointed, the senator flees the country to look for inspiration and to understand the symbolic value of Architecture.
Will the senator give up his ideas or will he succeed in his battle against the narrow-minded congress?

Follow this young man's struggle in this visiondivision production that deals with the very inner core of architecture and ambition.


Erik Berg said...

Fantastisk film! Har sett den tre gånger nu :-)

visiondivision said...

Tackar! kul att du gillar filmen! Vi gjorde den på ett risigt vandrarhem i Sao paolo hårt slit i en hård stad:)