Monday, September 8, 2008

Venice Biennale and the 2G magazine

We told ourselves that we had to be exhibited at the Biennale before we turned 30, or leave the dirty business of architecture to commence a hot dog salesmen career in Solna Centrum.
With three years to go, we are finally there; not in Solna Centrum, but in Venice.
So if you plan to visit the Biennle this fall, schedule an important stop where the vd project The Merchants of Venice is exhibited.
More info about exhibition dates will come up later on.

Until then, why not buy the September issue of the 2G Magazine, they will feature visiondivision in it too. We also have an upcoming exhibition in Barcelona later this year, the date is not fixed yet, so we will tell you later.

Now the two youngsters are both in Stockholm, gathering speed and force for an outstanding fall, with an upcoming total makeover of the slow and a bunch of competition entries full of wit, character and pure beauty.

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