Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rejected Wikipedia submission

The modern Swedish Architect (Architectus boringus)

Living: The Swedish architect lives and breeds on the island Södermalm in Stockholm.
You can easily spot the modern architect by wearing a black turtleneck and trendy glasses, often with a characteristic fragile walk to enhance their appearance of being an emotional human being.

Behavior: Swedish architects tend to group in big formations whenever there are free food and drinks around. Architectural wise they follow interior programs on TV or old Swiss trends from the mid90s.

To get a positive interaction with a Swedish modern architect you should name drop different Herzog & deMeuron projects and complain about the shallowness of Frank O Gehry.
Overall the Swedish modern architect has a strong flock behavior, having the advantage that they are easily replaced at work.

Unfortunately this leads to a monotone architecture production with no highs and no lows in it what so ever.

Architectus boringus

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