Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ultra Cheap Guesthouse

An old vd project is finally finished, a scrubby storage that has been transformed into a guest-/weaving house.
The house can accommodate four to eight guests depending on comfort.
Due to the lack of money, new inventions had to be made, as well as material purchases from Blocket, a Swedish second hand site.

Plexiglas door "Sigurd Lewerentz style”.

Interior with multifunctional beam, notice that the door is closed.

Magic shelf detail.
Because this is a summer residence, the need for insulation are not vital, so all the new windows are made in plexiglas, a much cheaper material than glass, and it is also possible to make the appearance more slick.
Shelves can also be drilled right through the plexi for that patented vd look.
Loft with custom made bed
Plan and section

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