Monday, March 9, 2009

Fire Bath in the Cauldron Claw

Here are some images and drawings for the Cauldron Claw project, if you haven't seen the movie about this project yet, we highly recommend you to do so:, please have patience while watching, it will pay off.

Cauldron Claw

Building process, carried out by a 85-year old welder in northern Sweden during the coldest month so that we could transport it smoothly through the woods while there was snow on the ground.
Prototype drawing; three custom made steel legs holds the heavy tub and is later placed in a local stream.
A perforated steel plate hangs underneath where you can make a fire to heat up the tub.
A fourth leg regulates the flow of water to the tub.

Heating up

The stream under the tub gives the fire a steady flow of air through perforations in the steel plate

Fire bath in the Cauldron Claw

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