Monday, March 10, 2014

Big in China

A heavy package from China reached the office just in time for our afternoon tea. The mailman looked relieved when he handed over the beast. Inside was a book with pharaoic proportions that featured our old classic "Tornado" in a couple of spreads. How lovely! Now we just have to reinforce our office bookshelf.

From the publisher Artpower:

Innovative High-Rise Buildings offers a vision of architectural design for a new generation in the form of awe-inspiring constructions that represent a new cultural perspective on the urban landscape; breathtaking, almost dream-like, these unique structures are both experimental and contemporary reflecting a changing cultural environment.

Demonstrating incredible modern architectural technology and aesthetics, this collection gives a thought provoking, imaginative and ultimately exciting vision for a new generation, in terms of creating structures that allow us to live and think differently. Incredible structures that have the capacity to integrate successfully with their surroundings, providing a function and purpose for living yet symbolizing our aspirations to move ever higher, reaching for the sky.

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