Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tide Tank

Visiondivision has proposed a swimming centre that can regulate the water level from a low tide situation to a high tide giant pool, to take the swimming experience to another level.

The pool area - low tide
The pools face their shallow part towards the dressing rooms to have a safe area when one enters.
The walls in the pool area are made of stainless and brushed steel plates and slightly reflect the water and the bathing people, and become a subtle visual expansion of the room.
Each window has a adjustable shutter which can regulate the light and the views in the pool area. This makes the room constantly changeable and adjusts itself according to the rhythm of the day and the different seasons.

Low tide plan (1st floor)

Two gold colored cliffs rises from the water and divides the more busy adventure area from the calmer main pool. These cliffs has also more functional aspects; the larger one is
hollow and contains two water slides, and it is also the
entrance to the adventure area. Its surface makes it also
possible to climb on. The smaller cliff lies in the children’s pool and has a small water slide.
A undertow channel takes the visitor from the adventure pool to an outside space with an outdoor pool and a Sauna.
The pool area has two big foldable walls to separate the pools even more when this is necessary.

Low tide plan

The pool area - high tide
New possibilities open up when the folding walls are fully retracted.
The windows can be completely shut with the shutters and the water level can be raised by closing the lower vents, to get an enormous pool where one can roam free.
The ambiance of the pool can be controlled from small
passages among the large steel beams; projections of dense jungle, alp backdrops or maybe sweeping whales while you bath.

High tide plan (2nd floor)

The shutters that contain insulation will also save a lot of energy that would have been lost through the windows.
With such a flexible and big room you can easily add new layers of uses that makes the bathing experience even more exciting; theatre with a water theme, bath & cinema, water night club, and opera for example.
The dry part can be used for spectator stands as well as from the exercise rooms on the second floor, and the foyer then becomes a lounge for the event.
The new swimming centre becomes a house of culture with water.

High tide interior

Sections, facades, siteplan


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