Friday, April 24, 2009

Wat Hut

We got a commission to do an extension of a private house outside Stockholm for a Swedish-Thai couple. The woman has two children back in Thailand that now is going to move in to the house.
The site is very idyllic and Swedish and the house is situated on a southern slope to a beautiful and calm lake. Moving to a completely different country can be difficult, especially if you are a kid, so we wanted to give the Thai-kids some playful elements to easier adjust to their new country.

The new house follows the form and scale of the old building but has a more modern expression with a white and shining corrugated steel façade that slightly reflects the surroundings.
Different functions interlink in this extension to include all family members but the focus is onthe children.

The new building consists of two rooms for the children with views towards the lake and a family room between the rooms with an undulated fake grass floor that offers a relaxed atmosphere.
The room can be completely opened at summertime, so the children rooms will feel like two small cottages and the family room will extend to the nature around it.
The Swedish man likes golf so the grass will be an ideal spot for a driving range.

A cliff next to the house on the northern side is painted in gold as a symbol of Thailand and a place where the mother can have her shrine where she occasionally can pray.
The gold is lit up at nighttime and will be highly present in the family room while playing Nintendo.
The proposal is still under evaluation; we will give you more information about the outcome later on.


Anonymous said...

haha, guns n roses! gillar det skarpt!

casey>c said...

Well done!

karla said...

muii bonitaa !!