Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Clean Up

Visiondivision has produced a lot of material over the last five years, sometimes we forget that we actually made them. During a spring clean up in the office, our co-worker Clive found some early material that never have been published so far, so here you go;

The vd alley where some of the early work reside

Slope House - avant garde villa with a fake tree that you can pull away to open the livingroom glass pane.

Villa Jaws - Three shells creates shelter for this little summer residence.

Summerhouse Archipelago edition - A floating summerhouse with an integrated rubber terrace that follows the water's movement among other things.

Summerhouse Ocean View edition - A simple yet delightful creation that has intricate room sequences.

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Lennox said...

NIce houses, you should put them on the homepage aswell.