Friday, March 16, 2012

Spröjs Castle

Spröjs Castle is the residence of choice for an opulent lifestyle where you can combine different modular towers into your very own magnum opus or chose from a premade composition that comes with the promise of excellence.
There are various layout possibilities of your castle that all have different advantages.
If you want to work with a small amount of towers but still want to achieve an impressive façade, build a long series of towers along an axis. This will work excellent if you approach the house from only one main direction, say with a lavish park in front of it.
If your house are seen from many directions and have many entry points, then why not go for a more compact look, where the verticality is the most significant visual tool.
If you invest in a great number of towers you can almost get a small Manhattan of your own.
Outclass your neighbour and become the talk of the town.

A Spröjs Castle in the morning mist

We have created a broad selection of towers; all with different floor plan sizes to suit your specific needs.
The smaller towers are perfect for the maid or the guests of the guests.
These have stairs or can be combined with smaller towers with a shared elevator between them.
As the scale of the towers increases, so does the comfort and the specific installations.
The spröjs have different characters depending on the tower size, from following the original dimensions seen on previous houses to becoming small rooms themselves and even greater rooms where your friends can move and put their old houses in.
One of the larger towers is exclusively a tower meant to show off for your friends, which will increase dramatically in numbers once you own a Spröjs Castle.

One of the show-off towers

A central, large elevator will slowly ascend through the different levels that are filled with awe; a shark aquarium for example, a statue collection, a private concert or maybe an exquisite library filled with rare and exclusive content.
Another big tower is the master bedroom tower that takes the art of sleeping to another level.
Thirty stacked bedroom levels, all furnished differently to avoid boredom.
There are also towers that have thirty stacked living rooms with different themes or thirty stacked toilets with different preferences.
You chose the limits for your excess, if you want thirty more toilets, just buy another tower.
Collect great things from all over the world, regardless of the size, have them flown over to one of your many helicopter pads. This is not just any home; this is a majestic mark that will outshine every private house on the market, you will simply know that you’re on top of the world and your lineage is forever secured, because once you own a Spröjs Castle, nothing else matters.
Collect friends and family in your house, invite friends of friends and their friends, there is room for everybody, create your own tower of Babel or Xanadu and reach for a heroic foot print in the history of mankind.
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Towers with built-in fountains for unrivaled extravaganza

A Spröjs Castle and a Spröjs Cabin

A living room tower

Become the master of your province

Special firework towers makes a bombastic welcome entrance

The world is more 3-dimensional than ever, your house has to look good even from the sky

How many houses from the Spröjs Series can you find in this image?

Some of the unfurnished tower layouts

A selection of castle configurations


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This could be the most god-awesome and imaginative creation from VD yet1? Keep it up!?


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Thanks for those heart-warming words Tom!