Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spröjs Cabin

Spröjs Cabin Exterior

Spröjs Cabin is a small 40 m2 summer house with a 20 m2 loft to host a normal family of a couple with two to three kids. Although it is fairly small the house includes a kitchen, a living room, a medium sized bathroom and an extra room plus a sleeping loft. The small size and the simple design of the house make it very easy to fit into almost any Scandinavian environment. The interior is however light and modern and very functional to serve the custom-made needs for any particular client.

The long mullion/shelf system along the main façade gives a light environment still packed with functions such as a wardrobe and changing bench in the hall, a kitchen table and storage space in the kitchen and a workspace, TV space and shelves in the living room. The extra room can either be used as a bedroom or as a workspace depending on the need. The loft can either be full-length enabling four beds or of half length giving only two beds but an extra height in the living room. Since the house is designed after a modular system, various changes can be made upon request. Both long facades can for example be mullion facades and the house can easily be shortened or lengthened after demand. And since it is part of the Spröjs Series perhaps a Spröjs Shed can be added later if an extra space is needed.
Spröjs Cabin will be for sale in Scandinavia through our summer house manufacturer Sommarnöjen, on their website you will also have more information in Swedish.
For countries outside Scandinavia you can contact us directly for a price quote or if you have any other questions regarding the Series; info@visiondivision.com.

Spröjs Cabin Exterior in wood and with two Spröjs facades

Spröjs Cabin Exterior in black & white

Spröjs Cabin interior

Axonometric cut through roof displaying one sleeping loft option

Spröjs Cabin facades

Spröjs Cabin plans with various options

Spröjs Cabin Axonometric view of Spröjs-grid

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We would like to replace our current wook countertop with a kitchen countertops. We are looking for a cheaper stone top and a place that wont rip us off. The Countertop is L shaped and about 10' on the sink side and 6 ' on the stove side minus the stove.