Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spröjs Mansion

Spröjs Mansion front facade

Spröjs Mansion is a house for someone with a go for gold attitude. The house includes all good-life functions a person with assets and taste could beg for. The cellar contains a double garage connected to a wine cellar with an under water pool view. The first floor contains a spatial kitchen, living room and the main hall with double ceiling height if wanted. Two smaller outcrops on this floor contains on the kitchen side an orangery so the household always have fresh vegetables and fruits, and a relax room with sauna on the living room side.
The second floor holds two master bedrooms with connection to the pool via a trampoline and private balconies. The third floor resides a loft for guests or other use. The floor has a glass roof which is perfect for visitor’s lying in bed watching the sky or for an atelier space. Two towers penetrate the building; one is a chimney and the other one has a small view point where late drinks can be enjoyed.

The house has the form of a classic mansion but with a façade and program made for a fun and free life. The house contains several three dimensional movements with both stairs on the inside and outside of the house as well as ladders and diving-boards on the façade connecting the different levels of the house. To protect from overheating, the position of the glass panes varies in depth in the mullion and can be adapted to the specific site.
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Spröjs Mansion Pool side view

Spröjs Mansion at night

Spröjs Mansion from side

Spröjs Mansion - diving board view

Spröjs Mansion - interior of main hall

Spröjs Mansion interior of garage & wine cellar

Spröjs Mansion interior of loft level

Entrance facade

Poolside facade

Gable facades

Plans of Spröjs Mansion


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